Steve's Pet Shop

Meet the Crew!

Augie Kleist (Hugie)

~Contrary to his nickname, he doesn't actually like hugs.

~Enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and hunting

~Takes pride in restoring a vintage Suzuki Samurai

~Graduated Yosemite High School

~Attended Santa Barbara City College

Kyle McHatton (Sport)

~Enjoys a good pun

~​The only thing consistent about his hair is that it's consistently changing colors.

~Favorite TV shows are Ring of Honor wrestling and anything Anime

~Lived in San Pedro, CA

~Graduated from Yosemite High

The best foods at the best prices

Jared Shipp (Tuna)

~A first degree black belt in Kihon MMA

~​As a lover, not a fighter, he will hug anyone that will let him

~Graduated from Yosemite High School